Forms and General Information

Assessment Appeal ApplicationFollow this link to access the online and manual Assessment Appeal Application
Local Rules Effective 3-3-21Follow this link to the adopted local rules for the handling of Assessment Appeals in San Bernardino County. An amendment to the Local Rules effective March 3, 2021.  
“Your Assessment Appeal Hearing”This brochure contains summary information to assist applicants in preparing for their assessment appeals hearings. Reviewing this information will help applicants know what to expect when their cases are heard.
Hearing Response FormUse this form to confirm attendance for a scheduled hearing regarding your assessment appeal(s). Note that your confirmation must be postmarked, faxed, emailed or hand-delivered to the Clerk of the Board at least 40 days prior to your scheduled hearing date. (A yellow confirmation form is enclosed with every Notice of Hearing mailed to applicants/agents.)
Fee Waiver Request FormUse this form to request a waiver of the $45.00 assessment appeal administrative processing fee. You may request a waiver if you are receiving public assistance and/or do not have enough income to pay for your household’s basic needs and cannot afford the processing fee. Note that EACH Assessment Appeal Application filed must be accompanied by the processing fee OR a fully completed and signed waiver request.
Agent Authorization FormProperty owners may be represented in the appeal process by an authorized agent or attorney, although this is not a requirement. Applicants who are considering agent representation should carefully investigate and select their agent. Property tax agents/agencies are required to advertise and represent their services in accordance with State regulations (Business and Professions Code 17537.9). If represented by an agent, a completed Agent Authorization Form, bearing the original signature of the property owner, must be submitted with the appeal form.
Change of Address FormUse this form to request a change of address for an assessment appeal.
Withdrawal FormUse this form to request that active assessment appeals applications be withdrawn.
Reinstatement Request FormUse this form to request reinstatement of an appeal that has been denied due to the applicant’s or agent’s failure to appear at a scheduled hearing. Note that the request must be filed with the Clerk of the Board no later than thirty (30) days after the Clerk has mailed notice of the Assessment Appeals Board’s or Hearing Officer’s decision to deny the appeal for failure to appear.
Revocation/Substitution of Agent FormUse this form to revoke the authorization of an existing agent. This form may also be used to authorize (substitute) a different agent to provide representation during the appeal process.
Two-Year Waiver FormUse this form to waive your right to a hearing and final determination of your assessment appeal within two years after filing the application. This form will often be needed in order for hearing postponements and/or continuations to be granted.
Findings of FactThe “Findings of Fact” is a document, prepared by legal counsel, summarizing the facts and evidence presented at hearing, and setting forth the conclusions reached by the Assessment Appeals Board. An applicant may request Findings by checking the appropriate box on the appeal application, or by submitting a separate request for Findings to the Clerk of the Board. The applicant must confirm the request for Findings with the Clerk of the Board on the scheduled hearing date, prior to commencement of the hearing, and must pay the fee as indicated in the County Fee Schedule (San Bernardino County Code Section 16.0206). The requesting party may abandon the request and waive the Findings at the conclusion of the hearing. NOTE: Parties to a hearing are always notified of the decision in their case and need not make any special request or payment to receive such notification.
Claim for Refund of Tax PaymentAn assessment appeal can be designated as a claim for refund by checking the appropriate box on the appeal application. If the appeal is designated as a claim for refund and the board reduces the value of the property, the county will automatically process a refund of tax payment.